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Fiber Composites
We saw significant rate increases at or about our target volume with dramatic improvements in product quality, reducing scrap rate to negligible amounts. The automation also allowed me to largely reposition our manpower toward other lines or other duties, paying us back rapidly in human costs as well.

James Barfield, Project Manager, Fiber Composites


Solutions: Bulk Unloading & Storage Systems

Bulk Handling of Materials, whether by railcar, truck, or semi-bulk bags, is a key component of an efficient automated Material Handling System.

O. A. Newton's Railcar Unloading Systems can accommodate hopper bottoms, gravity unload, airslide, or PD railcars. Truck Loading and Unloading Systems and Rail Loading Systems are also available. Our Bulk Handling capabilities also include Bulk Bag Loading and Unloading, Gaylord Handling, and Liquid Bulk Systems. Storage Systems include vertical bolted or welded silos and horizontal storage systems.

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