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Perdue Farms Inc.
You asked me if we'd like to continue to do business with O.A. Newton. Without question! I'd be happy to speak with your other customers if you think it would make a difference.

Christopher Simpkins


Services: System Installation

Equipment skidded on the loading dock looks pretty, but doesn't produce a penny of revenue.  Every system has as a core success factor the quality of installation of machinery.  OA Newton has nearly a century of experience successfully installing everything from buildings to silos to scaling systems.  We like to think we make a pretty solid option.

Some of our customers have their own personnel available to install systems purchased from us, particularly smaller equipment.  That's terrific if you're one of them.  Many times, customers do not have the resources to install their systems and rely on OA Newton's talent and professionalism to get their gear in place and ready for start-up.

We have on our team a mix of seasoned field supervisors, millwrights, welders, electrical installers, and heavy equipment operators.  Some are on staff full time, some we've worked with successfully over the years.  In either case, you win, because we take the burden of installation of systems from the loading dock through initial start-up of equipment.  Our staff installers all have passed OSHA 10 hour certification, and any contractors used on your site will have went through not only your safety program (if required), but OA Newton's Safety Orientation program as well. All you have to do is sit back and watch your facility transform before your eyes into a production plant you can be proud of for a long time.

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