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American Phoenix, Inc.
The system you guys installed was the difference between night and day.

John Radle, Engineering Manager


Services: System Start-Up & Training

Once a material handling or blending project is complete it is a liability until it is producing for you, only then is it an asset.  Use OA Newton to turn your liability into an asset by the fastest means possible.Control System Training

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring projects into full-scale production with minimal problems.  The system is mechanically and electrically tested dry, then with material so we can observe convey conditions, mixing results, force system alarms, and monitor flow out of silos and other vessels, then tweak the parameters as required.  Final system settings are documented and transmitted to you.  During the course of a project we will submit for your approval a System Acceptance Test, with the final version dictating the prior to final invoicing

Our experienced start-up team knows the importance of training your employees, so we incorporate them into the start-up process in a very hands-on way.  This allows them to fully understand the system before it is turned over to you.   We realize how critical this training can be, and it is standard fare with any OA Newton system, and we're flexible enough to accommodate operators on multiple shifts if needed.  Our start-up technicians, oftentimes your Project Manager as well, will remain on-site until you're comfortable and producing.

Comprehensive documentation and manuals are provided for each project that outline the System Overview, Sequence of Operations, Maintenance and Spare Parts, Controls Architecture and Programming, Electrical Wiring Schematics, and all Mechanical Drawings pertinent to your system.  We provide this information on CD ROM as a digital backup to your bound manuals.

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