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Kleer Lumber
Maybe the thing I liked the best was their flexibility in working with us and in recognizing our true needs. We thought we knew exactly what we wanted, but their engineers let us in on some different, unique ideas and techniques that better served our objectives.

Rob Shugdinis, Vice President of Manufacturing, Kleer Lumber


Services: Site & Project Management

OA Newton is in the total experience business, providing our customers with a cradle to grave successful project regardless of system size or complexity.  If everybody had the same skills of management and execution, anybody could be President and do the same job.  You know better.

Integrated into your material handling solution is dedicated Project Management, and if appropriate, site management.  OA Newton uses a proprietary Project Management System with procedures that govern how we communicate with clients, execute schedules, monitor quality, deal with change, suppliers, resources, acceptance tests -you name it, we likely cover it.

Why do we think that system is so important?  Because the mission of an OA Newton Project Manager is to ensure the successful outcome of your project by delivering on time and on budget, maintaining top shelf quality, and providing you with the best possible experience throughout the process.  We couldn't live up to that standard if we didn't have a system.  Combine that with the fact that we have hired some of the most experienced people in this business (our technical personnel average 21 years in the industry) and we believe we make the case for being among the best.  We're behind the scenes calling suppliers, out front executing a master schedule, and in your face on the job site if need be, all to deliver on this mission.

Don't take our word for it.  Take a look at what others are saying about the OA Newton experience and you'll come to the same conclusion.  Click HERE check out our Client Testimonials.

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