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Silver-Line Plastics Corporation
O.A. Newton has always been a very professional, reliable company provides a great service to the industry and has always offered the support we needed as well. We depend on your company to not only keep us up and running but to update us on new, developing technology to help us operate more efficiently.

Robert Cassidy, Ricky Silver, and James Rice, Silver-Line Plastics Corporation


Services: Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades

The Great Thing about an OA Newton Material Handling Solution is that it stands the test of time - it'll last for years.  The bad thing about the same system is - it'll last for years.

Technology is changing at an alarming rate in the 21st Century, and the world of Bulk Material Handling and Storage is no different.  Solutions that were state of the art and a competitive edge 5 years ago may now be mere mortals today, maybe even obsolete.  Power efficiencies on equipment change, scale resolutions change, computer interfaces for the latest Bill Gates creation change, operating practices and principles, safety innovations, and best practices for handling these materials -all change!

We're not stupid enough to think our systems are impervious to change, and neither are those of our competitors.  What we are is smart enough to design, retrofit, integrate and install critical, operational cost saving upgrades to your system in response to your particular needs.

If you've got heartburn over things that could be better in your material handling system, call us Toll Free at 800-726-5745 and we'll help you out.  Don't know why the system isn't performing up to speed?  Ask about our System Performance Assessments or SPAs that can help you determine the best processes and technologies to invest in so that your old system can run with the current pack, all without having the buy a new system!

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