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American Phoenix, Inc.
The system you guys installed was the difference between night and day.

John Radle, Engineering Manager


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OA Newton is in the business of helping our clients increase plant capacity and decrease operational expenses through smarter bulk material handling.  Those results don't happen by accident.  We painstakingly engineer our integrated systems, leaving nothing to chance and ensuring project success.

A customer has an idea.  It may be a great idea.  He can see the results into the future, product flowing off of a production line that in turn spits out the cash from the sales it fulfills.  All he has to do is make it happen.

The devil is in the execution.

OA Newton has been designing and delivering bulk material integrated systems for three decades.  We provide the level of engineering appropriate to each job, minimizing non-value added spending during implementation making up for a poor plan.  In order to pull off this idea at your plant, you may need some mix of engineering designs like...

         Process flow diagrams

         Elevation stack ups

         Total plant layout

         Equipment component specificationsMaterial Control Valves

         P & ID drawings

         Environmental studies and permits

         Control architecture drawings

         Electrical riser diagrams

         Safety loss prevention analysis

         Utility analysis and drawings

That's where we come in, providing the total engineering necessary to make minor changes to a process, or to build a new Greenfield installation for a new plant.

Click here (link to Engineering 2007-03 PDF) to see a variety of standard, System Engineering packages offered by OA Newton.


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