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Fiber Composites
We saw significant rate increases at or about our target volume with dramatic improvements in product quality, reducing scrap rate to negligible amounts. The automation also allowed me to largely reposition our manpower toward other lines or other duties, paying us back rapidly in human costs as well.

James Barfield, Project Manager, Fiber Composites


Services: Custom Fabrication


To provide you with the best-integrated Material Handling Solution, we maintain quality control over the manufacturing process.  Our newly regenerated 30,000 square foot fabrication facility boasts state of the art equipment like lasers and high-speed CNC punch presses, providing you with consistent, affordable quality components.

OA Newton's design team is rapidly moving toward a mass-customization model for fabricated components of our systems, providing the specificity of a tailored design while enjoying the benefits of a Leaner more high speed manufacturing process.  We don't make everything you see in an OA Newton system no more than Ford or GM makes every component on a car.  We integrate best of breed blowers, motors, silos, airlocks and the like with our fabricated equipment.

Here is a small sampling of the components OA Newton manufactures for material handling applications:

         Bin Vent filters
 and Filter Receivers

         Dust collection units

         Power units, pressure and vacuum

         Micro-ingredient control (MIC) systems for hi-accuracy scaling

         Bulk bag unload systems and fillers

         Vacuum breaker valves

         Custom hoppers, including the TKC hypalon hoppers and material chutes

         TKC patented pinch valves and Thermveyor heated convey screws

         Structural steel and mezzanine work platforms

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