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Tyco Electronics
They were knowledgeable, addressed the needs of the project and were clearly an experienced safety crew. This job took some pre-planning and the finished product more than met our expectations.

Steve Pinnix, Engineering


Industries: Flexible & Rigid PVC

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There's a reason that even in a mature industry like PVC/CPVC production, we keep getting phone calls to solve the customer's problems.  OA Newton's solid reputation as an industry leader in PVC Compounding Systems has proven to be the benchmark for our success.

The PVC industry is very competitive with tight margins, and they're shrinking.  For our customers, being a low cost producer is an element of success. Our "hands off" approach to compounding system design minimizes your labor involvement and maximizes your annual output of PVC Compound.

Because of our many years of experience, we intimately know the intricacies of material handling in PVC Compounding and can customize a system for your application. We understand the uniqueness of the different markets and have experiences to share with you from all applications including Pipe and Fittings, Profiles, Siding, Fencing, Wire and Cable, and PVC-Wood Composites.

We incorporate our patented Micro Ingredient Controller (MIC) in the design of every PVC / CPVC compounding system we deliver.  It provides efficient handling of minors with accuracy and repeatability that exceeds the most critical requirements, standard at +/- 0.5 % of the full scale system deflection, all the while minimizing the adverse impacts that competing systems can't seem to get around; cumbersome, unsafe handling at high elevations that requires more building, more operators, and more headaches. Our exclusive E-Z Flo Fluidizing Hopper provides for exceptional material flow into the compounder, so put away your rubber mallets folks, you wont be needing them.

Call us today to get the best-practices company in the market to handle your PVC and get you turning resins to compound to extruded product to money faster!

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