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Kleer Lumber
Maybe the thing I liked the best was their flexibility in working with us and in recognizing our true needs. We thought we knew exactly what we wanted, but their engineers let us in on some different, unique ideas and techniques that better served our objectives.

Rob Shugdinis, Vice President of Manufacturing, Kleer Lumber


Industries: Feed & Grain

OA Newton has over half a century of experience storing, transporting, grinding, and drying grain and feed of various sizes.  You could say that we know the business.

Grain Silos

Cutting our teeth on the grain used by Eastern Shore poultry producers to feed billions of chickens and turkeys in the last 50 years, OA Newton uses proven yet leading edge techniques to move the most grain in the least amount of time with a minimum of yield loss during the process.  Today, grain just doesn't feed the birds, it's used as the staple stock in alternate energy plants that generate ethanol and bio-diesel fuels, and OA Newton serves it up expertly and economically. 

We design, build and install systems using rigid, best of breed manufactured grain silos, elevators and conveyors with OA Newton custom built spouting and feed chutes.  We engineer the foundations and structural supports necessary to store and deliver from full capacity, industrial tanks, and will also provide the control systems necessary to deliver upon your process demand.  Our experienced mill wright installers will do the dirty work of assembling the largest of systems at construction heights that would make a billy goat physically ill.  Best of all, we manage your construction project to guarantee smooth implementation with a minimum of heartache for you, because after all, you've got more important things to do. 

Whether it's a new storage system, a demolition and replace, or a retrofit of working but outdated manufacturing process equipment, OA Newton will get your grain business in business faster, and that's the bottom line.



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