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Perdue Farms Inc.
You asked me if we'd like to continue to do business with O.A. Newton. Without question! I'd be happy to speak with your other customers if you think it would make a difference.

Christopher Simpkins


Industries: Dry Bulk Solids

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In industry there are numerous difficult-to-handle materials that will corrupt your manufacturing processes and keep you awake with a migraine headache at night.  OA Newton specializes in the most difficult to handle bulk solids, the jobs no one else wants.  Don't become an expert, hire one!

We have applied our technical skills to handle a variety of tough materials, such as Carbon Black, Soap, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, TiO2, Gypsum, Hydrated Lime, Flour and Sugar, just to name a few. Material handling principles may remain inviolate, but we know it's not a one-size-fits-all world when it comes to the powder challenged customer.  Slip coefficients, bulk density, compressibility, particle size and shapeall make a difference with regard to finding the absolute best long-term solution for our customers.  Luckily our engineers and technical folks have an average of 21 years of experience in handling bulk solids and the sheepskins to back it up. 

What's that mean to you?  Simply that you cannot pick a better choice as a partner when it comes to dealing with challenging materials.   We've found that means something to our customers.  That must be why we hear from them so much.

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