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I wanted to say that the new Bin Vents are working wonderfully. The installation went flawless, and they were efficient and quick, while always being safe and abiding by our safety rules. They did an outstanding job, and should be congratulated.

Sr. Project Engineer


Industries: Wood Fiber Composites

Wood Fiber Composites is a rapidly emerging industry with production capacity sold out before it is even built! The Building Products industry, fueled by consumer demand, is adopting wood and organic fiber composites as preferred materials for Decking, Railing, Window Profiles, as well as other applications at a staggering rate. It is a growth industry just feeling its potential.Vacuum Blower

Companies in the wood fiber composites business are as varied as the personalities at a bi-polar association meeting.  Why?  Because a chief driver with the decking, fencing and composite trim businesses is that they are driven by the availability and price of the two primary raw material constituents: nature fiber (often wood flour) and a polymer.  Since these two facts vary so widely throughout the world, systems tend to look different.

We've installed a baker's dozen of these "Wood Plastic Composite" or WPC systems in the last decade, generating about 1.6 billion pounds and counting of saleable output for our customers.  I doubt any of our competitors can honestly say that.  We have gotten very good at understanding the principles that make a WPC project successful, from material compound quality and durability to ease of processing to safety, and that's where you come in.  You get to use OA Newton as your bridge to excellence in WPC manufacturing, from conceptual engineering through to startup and training.

From Bulk Unloading and Handling, Size Reduction and Classification, Drying, Resin and Minor Ingredient Weighing and Blending, to installation of the extruders, our highly qualified Technical Sales and Design Team develop and implement strategies to find the best possible solution.

Now, we've even formed partnerships with the best-of-breed suppliers of extrusion and downstream equipment to develop a modularized Plug-n-Play solution to get an entire, integrated, economically viable WPC plant into operation and earning revenue quickly.  This is absolutely critical to entrepreneurial companies whose core business may be something else, letting early sales fund and provide the return on investment needed to make the dream a reality.

Call our offices and ask for the VP of Sales for more information.

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