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Silver-Line Plastics Corporation
O.A. Newton has always been a very professional, reliable company provides a great service to the industry and has always offered the support we needed as well. We depend on your company to not only keep us up and running but to update us on new, developing technology to help us operate more efficiently.

Robert Cassidy, Ricky Silver, and James Rice, Silver-Line Plastics Corporation


Bin Vent Filters

Bin Vent Filters
Our Gal Vent Bin Vent Filters separate fines and airborne particles from the exhaust air when filling a large storage silo.
Standard Features:
  • Top Loading cartridges - the lid tilts back for easy removal and replacement of cartridges.
  • Galvanized construction.
  • Jet Air Pulse Media Cleaning
  • Filter Cartridges have 45 pleats and 22.5 Sq Ft of filter media.
  • Differential Pressure Gauge to monitor filter cleaning system performance.
  • Three Year Warranty (TRIPLE the Industry Standard).
  • Powder Coated Exterior Finish
  • Powder Coated Interior Finish
** O.A. Newton Recommends a 3 to 1 Air (html) to cloth (Sq Ft) ratio for most powder materials and 5 to 1 air to cloth ratio for most pellet materials when sizing a Bin Vent Filter.
Please email or call Greg Mareski for all your Bin Vent Filter needs!

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